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We are Tania and Darryl Hubbard, and we are the offbeat duo that finally made time between parenting our wild animals (2 little boys) and working full-time jobs, to launch Psyché.  Psyche’s mission is to empower people to be who they already are and to impact the world the way they were uniquely designed to. Most of the services we provide, fall under the umbrella of coaching, consulting, and marketing. We believe in people and the creative genius inherent in all of us. We believe in the power of unified diversity. Our vision is to create a world where everyone can experience being seen, heard, and valued.  We partner with individuals and companies alike to unlock and unleash potential and by doing so they accomplish far more than they ever thought possible.

Tania is a deep thinker who is passionate about understanding how people and things work and helping others succeed.  She is known for asking questions that help individuals and businesses uncover their strengths and their pain points in order to move forward effectively and efficiently.   Before Psyché, Tania spent 15 years leading both mental health and substance use organizations in various capacities including serving as a chief executive for 6 years. It was in these roles that Tania learned that her knack for solving difficult people and business problems was more than a fluke. Her out of the box approach positively transformed organizational cultures, systems, and drastically improved their bottom line.  Tania firmly believes that people  and businesses are not very different and therefore the solutions and approaches must be similar

Darryl is an avid motorsports enthusiast and free spirit. Creative self-expression has always been a value that has been at the center of his life. By training, Darryl is a content and visual creative, with nearly 20 years of experience where he has mastered the art of blending messaging and visual execution. Darryl has also always been drawn to transformational self-development work and making authentic connections from various walks of life. Darryl's skills and interests have come together and afforded him the ability to bring a unique and fresh leadership approach to various environments, contributing savvy and creativity in customizing outreach, branding, and communication solutions. This includes his current role as a non-profit executive specializing in substance use. Darryl has a proven track record as an exceptional coach, mentor, team builder, and skilled in start-up execution.



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